Tax Preparation

Lawrence Associates prepares Federal and California taxes for individuals and small businesses. We specialize in individual tax returns (the 1040 series) with small businesses, investments, real estate, or expatriate issues, along with the corresponding California or other state returns.

We also prepare estate income tax returns, gift tax returns, and partnership returns for those businesses that do their own bookkeeping and do not wish to prepare their own return.

Returning clients receive organizers to help them organize their material. Much of our work with returning clients is done by mail and e-mail, but new clients and returning clients who need or wish an appointment receive a personal interview.

Fees for tax preparation are based on the number and complexity of the forms and schedules required for your return. A fee schedule is available on request. If your material needs substantial additional organization or research, we will charge an additional hourly fee.

We normally expect payment when the return is finished, unless you make other arrangements. In cases of multiple unfiled returns, we may ask for a retainer in advance.

We request that all clients sign a Letter of Engagement for Tax Preparation. Please see below for a copy, and for a copy of our Office Policy..

We file electronically all qualified individual returns, unless you opt out of electronic filing. You may choose to receive your own return copy on paper or electronically.


Tax Planning & Consultation

We are available year-round to deal with tax questions that may come up. For routine questions, we will not charge a fee for our tax preparation clients, but for others or for work that involves additional research or other effort we will charge at our regular hourly rate.

Some of the common things our clients request are checking withholding or estimated tax during the course of the year, or checking the tax effects of a mid-year property sale.


Tax Representation

As an Enrolled Agent, Irene Lawrence is authorized, with your permission, to act as your agent before all administrative levels of the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. You must sign a Power of Attorney to give permission. The Power of Attorney is limited to tax matters only, concerning the return and year specified on the Power of Attorney.

We ask all Lawrence Associates clients to sign a Power of Attorney, because most representation work involves merely dealing with written inquiries from the IRS about some matter which can easily be resolved with a phone call. Filing a Power of Attorney routinely with the IRS insures that Lawrence Associates will receive a copy of any such letter that you receive. In such simple cases, we usually do not charge our tax clients.

If the matter requires significant work, we will charge at our regular hourly fees. For a major representation engagement, such as an audit, we will ask the client to sign a Letter of Engagement for Representation and will require a retainer in advance.


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Letter of Engagement for Tax Preparation


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